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Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians Workshop

Can an affirmation really change how I think, feel and act? Can I balance meridian energy without needles? What do herbs have to do with affirmations? What do western herbs have to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? What is a meridian or a chakra? What do western herbs have to do with TCM? 

Energy Kinesiology is a combination of western muscle-energy testing and the TCM approach to wellness. In this workshop you will learn to...

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    Combine Energy Kinesiology skills with herbal wisdom (see the complete list below)
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    Gain personal insights
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    Alleviate stress
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    Integrate a more beneficial habit or belief
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    Achieve your goals

TCM often uses Chinese herbs therapeutically. Evelyn Mulders, founder of the Kinesiology College of Canada, felt that westerners more readily respond to western herbs. With that in mind, she researched dozens of common North American plants and cataloged them according to the meridians and chakras they support, the mental / emotional benefits of each one, and an affirmation reflecting those benefits.

Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians includes...

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    How to muscle-energy test yourself and others
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    Basic energy balancing to clear your mind and improve energy testing results
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    A practical understanding of the traditional Chinese five elements, the meridian energy system and the chakras
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    How western herbs are associated with TCM meridians and chakras
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    Combining all these elements into a quick process for energy balancing yourself or others
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    Putting it all together -- use energy-testing to bypass conscious analysis and find a personal affirmation to help you gently shift your thoughts, feelings and habits for the better

Workshop particulars

6 hours, taught in one day or in shorter installments, face-to-face or online. No prerequisites.  Detailed handouts.

For more information...

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