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Linda's Energy K clients seek help for anything from academic or performance issues, to sensitivities, to achieving a goal, to emotional distress. They range from infants to professionals to seniors. When working with clients Linda uses all her Energy K skills including Brain Fitness, Touch for Health, Applied Physiology, Body Speaks – Herbs Transform, and more.

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A typical session lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Clients sit or stand during their sessions. Occasionally they recline, fully clothed, on a massage table. We often use gentle muscle-energy testing for two important benefits. It helps the client and skilled practitioner pinpoint the imbalances needing to be address, and it helps indicates the best, most efficient way to help the client achieve their objectives.

Energy K clients often enjoy quick and significant mental / emotional benefits. Energy K is not talk therapy. Simply thinking about the situation is enough to get the information we need.  This is a big advantage in the case of trauma, where discussing the situation could invade privacy or re-stimulate the trauma.

The client is an active partner in the energy balancing process. Simple postsession “Homeplay” is often recommended for a few days or weeks to solidify the work done in the session. Sometimes a series of sessions is  needed, although progress is typically seen after each session.

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One little boy, age four, needed several teeth repaired and he was completely phobic about dental work. After two Energy Kinesiology sessions, he hopped into the dentist’s chair and had his first repairs done without freezing. His parents and the dental staff all applauded and were deeply moved by his courage and transformation.

Martin was two when we started his sessions. He napped in his mom’s lap and she was the “surrogate” for all our muscle-energy testing. Due to surgeries in infancy and subsequent vaccinations at six months, Martin was allergic to almost every food, phobic of any cutting tool (knives, scissors, nail clippers), and extremely shy. We worked together monthly for about six months. By the end of our sessions, most of his allergies were gone. (Later, the medical allergist was peeved that her testing “wasn’t working properly” because Martin no longer tested allergic and that “couldn’t be”.) The phobia of cutting tools disappeared and he amazed his mom and older sister when he eagerly climbed into the beautician’s chair for a hair cut. People also remarked on how friendly and open he became. Now in his late teens, Martin is adventuring in Australia.

For the last 22 years, I have been recovering from serious childhood trauma and abuse. With specialized hypnosis and Energy Kinesiology sooner or later my subconscious surrenders the troubling belief, attitude, shame, guilt, fear so I can see it and resolve it. I had always had lower back pain (sometimes crippling), migraine-cluster-stress headaches, and unwholesome eating patterns. As I have uncovered and dealt with the psychological, emotional, and physical trauma of what happened to me, my back pain is less, I have fewer and fewer incidents of headaches, and I am slowly getting better about interacting with peop

Hey Linda, I'm already starting to feel better today, and can feel my energy levels starting to feel normal again. I'm amazed. I was going to go see a psychiatrist today but when I woke up I felt more normal than I have in not only weeks, but in months, so I cancelled the appointment. Thank you so much.

I was so spun out and anxious with too much to handle. My single Brain Gym session with Linda got me grounded so I can focus on tasks and get them done.

Linda Clark recounting a client’s experience
Linda Clark recounting a client’s experience
Woman in her 50's Ontario, Canada
Young man aged 19, Ontario, Canada
K.L. Peterborough, Ontario

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