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Eye See Better Workshop

Would you like better your vision? Most people notice that their vision varies. It is often much sharper when you're relaxed and well-rested. I notice that my vision gets blurry when I work on my book keeping - which I find stressful - and when I'm doing computer work in a rush.

I remember a day many years ago, when I used to wear glasses to read. I sat down to read a book one morning. I was so riveted with what I was reading that I never stopped to get my glasses, and never needed them. I finished the book in one long sitting. The fact that vision  varies obviously shows us that -- it is changeable! And no, I don't wear glasses to read anymore.

Do any of these describe you?

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    “What can I do to avoid using glasses?”
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    “My vision is changing as I get older. Is that avoidable?”
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    “I want ways to improve my vision.”

Come explore specific, simple ways to tune up your eyesight, reduce visual stress, and see better. You will learn physical strategies and energy balancing techniques from Bates, Behavioral Optometry, and Touch for Health Kinesiology.

At the beginning of class, every participant checks their vision. Just a few hours later most people already see significant improvements. Some are able to read one or two lines further  down the “Big E Eye Chart”, and many are able to read much smaller print without their glasses!

You will return home equipped to do your own vision improvement and maintenance program. With a modest investment of time, most people enjoy significant, lasting changes.

Workshop details

6 hour workshop, taught in one day or in shorter installments, face-to-face or online. No prerequisites. Detailed handouts

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Hi Linda, both Jean and I see Dr. McCreelis for eye care. We both saw him recently. My eyes are ‘holding’ and he doesn't need to see me for 6 months. (Previously it was every 3) Hm...

Jean was told that her eyes had quite dramatically improved! She could read 2 rows better than previously! You might remember that she’d had a stroke which quite seriously affected one of her eyes. McCreelis had told her it would not improve and was surprised that it had. He said he had no idea why. Thought you might be interested and I'll keep you updated.

I highly recommend Linda’s Vision Classes! Her personal experience of improving her vision plus the extensive training she has had in Brain Gym® and Energy Kinesiology make her eminently qualified to teach this work. Linda’s wonderful sense of humour, her intuition and love of her work combine to make her a creative and inspiring teacher.

I’m now 59. My optometrist, Dr. Dana Blakolmer, remarked,“You have achieved through Brain Fitness the optimum of what we strive to achieve through laser surgery.”

Since taking the course I admit I have not been very consistent in completing the exercises, but even so, I rarely use my glasses for work and reading during the day now.

P.D. Peterborough, Ontario senior
Elizabeth Abraham Vision Education Centre, Toronto, Ontario
M.N. Whitby, Ontario
C.L. school teacher, Cobourg, Ontario

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