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Energy Kinesiology Primer Workshop

Tap into your body’s wisdom using Energy Kinesiology muscle-energy testing. Your subconscious is a huge storehouse of wisdom about your needs and well being on all levels -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The challenge is how to tap into that storehouse. Energy Kinesiology can help you do it.

When you’re stressed or mentally / emotionally out of balance, it’s hard to get reliable information from your subconscious. That’s why the Energy K Primer includes a simple routine for energy balancing and stress release. Once you’re energy-balanced, you'll get superior information.

What can you do with that information? In the Energy K Primer, we’ll explore a few ways to use it. You can fine tune your energy balancing, discover what daily substances are compatible with you, and find faster ways to resolve life issues. You can do all that for yourself, and your family and friends.

The Energy K Primer includes...

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    Simple energy balancing, for reliable muscle-testing and a valuable tune-up anytime
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    How to muscle-energy test yourself and others
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    Underlying energy anatomy that helps explain how muscle-energy testing works
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    Energy balancing for stress release. It's easy to do and great emotional first aid
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    Compatibility testing of foods, cosmetics, household stuff, etc
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    Energy-testing for insights from flower essences and energy balancing to incorporate
    those insights. You can adapt this to use with any insight list

Workshop particulars

6 hours, taught in one day or in shorter installments, face-to-face or online. No prerequisites. Detailed handouts

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