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Energy Kinesiology Primer Workshop

Your body is fascinating and can show you just what you need to know!! 

For over 100 years, people have been discovering and refining hands-on muscle-energy testing. It originated in the USA, and went from an M.D. at Harvard University, to physiotherapists, and on to chiropractors in Detroit and beyond.

It was the chiropractors who linked this muscle response to the acupuncture meridian system. Once they made that connection, muscle-energy testing spread around the world through a wide variety of programs under the umbrella of "Energy Kinesiology" or "Specialized Kinesiology". 

Practitioners find they can use hands-on muscle-energy testing to personalize and expedite the improvement of a wide range of challenges on all levels, from physical right up to spiritual.

Curious? Join us for the Energy Kinesiology Primer!

The Energy K Primer includes...

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    Simple energy balancing, for reliable muscle-testing and a valuable tune-up anytime
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    How to muscle-energy test yourself and others
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    Underlying anatomy that helps explain how muscle-energy testing works
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    Energy balancing for stress release. It's easy to do and great emotional first aid
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    Compatibility testing of foods, cosmetics, household stuff, etc
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    Energy-testing for insights from flower essences and energy balancing to incorporate
    those insights. You can adapt this to use with any insight list

Workshop particulars

6 hours, taught in one day or in shorter installments, face-to-face or online. No prerequisites. Detailed handouts

Schedule: Saturday, Sept 15th, 10:00-4:30. Peterborough location to be announced.

Tuition: $95.00 (includes HST). Earn a $20.00 bring-a -friend-bonus for everyone you bring to the workshop.

For more information & registration...

...and to schedule the Energy Kinesiology Primer workshop for your group

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