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When Your Energy is Balanced, Your Life Works!

Energy Kinesiology is an elegant blend of western and eastern holistic approaches to wellness. Its western origin dates from 1912 at Harvard University. The eastern contributions are from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1964, the links between the western and eastern disciplines were begun by a circle of chiropractors in the USA. From that time, the field grew and now spans the globe. For a quick History of Energy Kinesiology, click here.

You might choose Energy Kinesiology to...

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    Get well / stay well
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    Be calm / sharp / focused
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    Learn holistic self-help wellness tools
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    Resolve personal and professional challenges
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    Reach your goals / deadlines easily and efficiently
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    Achieve peak performance, mentally and physically

Energy Kinesiology encorporates manual muscle-energy testing.  A skilled Energy K practitioner uses this technique for two important reasons. It a helps the practitioner and client identify exactly what imbalance needs to be addressed, and it shows the best way to balance the client's energy to achieve their desired goal. In Energy K, a wide menu of balancing techniques is employed, encompassing such things as acupressure, physical movements, sound, affirmations,
and much, much more.

Here are Energy Kinesiology offerings that I look forward to sharing with you...

Personal Consultations

Linda's Energy K clients range from infants to professionals to seniors. They seek help for anything from academic or performance issues, to sensitivities, to emotional distress. When working with clients Linda draws from ...

Brain Fitness Workshops & Conference Keynotes Events

Brain Fitness events are for people who wants to feel better and function better, holistically. Each event is tailored to the interests and needs of the group. We schedule anything from a one hour "taster" or corporate keynote event to...

Energy Kinesiology Primer Workshop

You’ve heard about Energy Kinesiology and you’re curious. In this workshop you get hands-on practical skills that you can use in moments to make daily life easier. In addition you will learn...

Change Your Mind
from Stress to Success
an online course

Do you want simple, do-it-yourself strategies so you can be at your best? Well, read on...

Most people know that stress affects their body and their mind. It can tighten up your muscles, mess up your digestion, and blur your eyesight. It can limit your concentration, memory, problem-solving skills and creative thinking. It can certainly rev up your emotions, and NOT for the better!

For more description and details...

Eye See Better Workshop

Come explore specific, simple ways to tune up your eyesight, reduce visual stress, and see better. You will learn physical strategies and energy balancing  techniques from...

Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians Workshop

What do western herbs have to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine? How can you balance meridian energy without needles? What is a meridian or chakra, and what do they have to do with your mind and emotions? Can an affirmation really change how...

For more information, contact us for details.

Touch for Health Workshops

Touch for Health is the most widely used Energy Kinesiology modality in the world. It is respected as the foundation training for other Energy Kinesiology systems as well as being a...

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