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Are you eager to play piano?

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    “I’ve always wanted to play”
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    “I wish I had practiced when I was little”
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    “I just want to learn the music I like”
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    “I want to play by ear and improvise”
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    “I want to really understand my music”

Linda says...

I started playing piano at age 7. I sang in and accompanied my school choruses and church choir. I also played double bass, and played in many orchestras, student and professional. I majored in music at the University of Texas, Austin, graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in piano performance and pedagogy. Honing my piano skills and expanding my musical expression are my lifelong discipline and passion.

I have studied with many fine piano teachers. I can even trace my piano lineage directly back to Beethoven! I am grateful to have learned so much from them all -- about piano technique, music analysis and interpretation, improvisation, and so much more. In addition, I learned the
importance of rapport, seeing and nurturing the strengths and gifts of the student. I learned each individual needs guidance in a style that works for them.

I will be happy and honored to help you in your piano journey.

Piano Lessons with Linda...

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    Tailored to YOUR interests & pace
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    Both traditional and innovative approaches
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    Rejuvenate your brain while exploring your musical nature
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    One lady said, “It’s the first time I ever laughed during a piano lesson!”
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    Flexible scheduling
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    Lessons face-to-face, via phone or online

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See what Linda's students say...

Linda teaches me to play piano over the phone! We live 100's of miles apart and in two different countries, but just by using the phone, she teaches me all the basics – scales, rhythm, how to read music, etc... I still can’t figure out how she picked up and asked, “Are you using your 4th finger on that note?” As I progressed, she helped me find music that was my style and that I really liked to play. She has an endless supply of trick and tips, and she not only teaches me how to use my hands, but also how to use my mind, too!

I am blessed to have Linda Clark as my piano teacher. She is professional, a gifted pianist, knowledgeable, flexible in her process without compromising the necessities of theory. I look forward to my weekly lessons because I am having fun. Progressing in learning piano skills challenges my brain daily & brings me joy. Thank you.

I really love my piano lessons with Linda as she pushes me to do my best in a way that is great for me. I learn the songs I want to and just how to play the piano in general. I've gotten much better at playing in the time I've taken lessons with Linda and even participated in a Kiwanis competition which had great results. My ability to play piano has grown immensely and she is an amazing teacher!

Linda is a Master Musician. She is also a Master Pedagogue, which allows her to effectively transfer some of her musicianship and piano playing skills to her students - at whatever their level of skill, knowledge or diligence.

She has a unique ability to diagnose areas where the student most needs help and find ways to work on them. She is gentle yet persistent - does not rest until the problems are addressed.

Anyone who wishes to start playing the piano or to improve will benefit by Linda’s personal guidance.

J.B. research lab greenhouse manager, Cambridge, Massachusetts
B.T. retired health professional
A.R. high school student
N.W. retired Maverick, with degrees in mathematics, computer science and music

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