Performance Skills that Work

Some people are natural-born performers. 
Then there's the rest of us!

One thing rarely taught to music students, beginners or advanced, is specific performance prep strategies. Students learn music reading, instrumental technique, specific pieces, music theory, stylistic interpretation, yet they rarely learn how to bridge from the practice room to performance -- and that requires quite a different type of preparation.


I'm an introverted perfectionist by nature. Performing did not come naturally for me, especially solo performing. I'm not sure why I stuck with it, except that it's my soul-compulsion and people appreciate my playing. Performance ease CAN be learned though! Maybe I'll never quite achieve the native joie de performance that Kirby showed running his agility course, but I now have ease, confidence and composure that I never used to have, and it continues to grow.

How does it work?

Over the years I have gathered helpful strategies through reading, trial and error, and tips from other performers. For example you can do something as simple as a daily mock performances. Imagine your room is the performance location. Enter the room, walk to your instrument and run the entire performance the way you intend to, with no stops or corrections. Finish, make your bow, and walk out. Then note what needs further practice.

There are also many helpful energy balancing techniques from Chi Energy Balancing, They tune up your brain for best results. For example, a really basic one is to make sure to drink plenty of water. Your brain is electrical and needs water to work well. Learn more about Chi Energy Balancing here.

Performance Skills sessions with Linda are done with individuals or ensembles, in person or online. Ideally we start working together weeks or months before your event. But "last minute people" have had excellent results after a just single session a few days before their performance.

For more information...

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Read what others have experienced...

I just did one performance coaching session with Linda and this was the best score I’ve had on a Royal Conservatory exam since grade 1. I actually enjoyed the exam for once. I was relaxed enough to converse with the examiner, which I never did before. My concentration was good and I passed my scales for the first time. I got high scores on my pieces, and I could really relax and focus on my music.

I played the best of my jazz career last Wednesday, with ¾ of a lip (not in the strongest of shape). The balance really helped my focus and helped me “play with my colleagues!!!” Thanks for assisting my growth.

We invited Linda to do a 10 minute energy tune-up before the final dress rehearsal of our musical production. The inspiration it gave us stayed with us through the entire production, from opening night to the final performance. It was transformational.

Dear Linda, I don’t know if you remember me, I went to your music workshop in Las Cruces. Well, I just wanted to thank you for sharing with us. I use it almost everyday and it really has made an incredible difference in my work ethic, and my ‘before-on-stage anxiety’. THANK YOU!”

I wanted to say how very helpful your exercises were that we worked on. I have been using them daily and I did them before that performance and felt myself much more focused. My playing was very good and I did a fine job on the duet with my coach.

A.B. age 16, grade 9 piano student
A.K. trombone & jazz prof, New Mexico State University
B.N. actor, Gallop musical production
M.J high school student, pianist, singer, Las Cruces, New Mexico
L.S. musician, Peterborough, Ontario

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