Come and Sing!

Choirs directed by Linda

Do you love to sing?

There is so much that makes choral singing compelling –

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    The variety of sounds – upbeat, mellow
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    The styles – folk, pop, show tunes, spirituals, ethnic...
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    How it touches your heart
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    Supportive, friendly people
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    Making harmonies you could never make on your own
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    The satisfaction of pulling it all together
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    How a bunch of “anybodies” can make a great combined sound
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    It’s inspiring

I started singing in choirs when I was young, so right away I learned about teamwork in music making. I sang in the kids’ church choir. I had a quiet voice, but I could read music and sing in tune. I sat next to Becky who a big voice. She followed my lead and belted out the parts. Then in high school I sang in the ‘elite” concert choir of about 30 kids. We sang sophisticated music in four parts. We were so solid musically that our seating plan put no two people on the same voice part next to each other. Wow!

I accompanied lots of choirs and musicals, too. That was my world. Now I am the music director for several choirs. Come out and sing!

Lakefield Singers

Is a friendly community chorus that includes both women and men. Our singers have a wide range of ages, talents and musical experience. We prefer singers who can carry a tune, and music reading is not necessary. We sing an eclectic mix of music in three- and four-part harmony – folk, pop, African, traditional, spirituals, rounds...

We have three, 10-week sessions per season. Read more here

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Lakefield Singers

Lakefield Singers sings
the BeeGee’s “Tragedy”

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3 Alarm Choir

An occasional “mob-sing” in 3-part harmony, modeled after Toronto's Choir Choir Choir. Together with a guitar partner, we teach one pop tune per night, all learned by ear on the spot. Everyone gets the song lyrics, and no sheet music. We learn the song in about 90 minutes, take a break, then video the “finished” product. Prerequisite: a good sense of FUN!

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See & hear all about 3AC

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Resonance is the choir of the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough. They sing for one Sunday morning service per month. The music ranges from bouncy to meditative to inspiring. It always has a spiritual connection, but as with all things Unitarian-Universalist, it is not sectarian. It’s an SATB choir that rehearses weekly. Prerequisites: be able to carry a tune and enjoy camaraderie.

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Resonance sings "Song of Kabir"

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