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These days, people seem to think that playing music is as easy as "pushing play". Either you "have it" or you don't. So many times people have heard me play and said, "Oh, I wish I had your talent." I smile and thank them, while inside I'm thinking, "Hey, if you put in the hours and years of time and effort, you'ld be talented too!" Native ability is an advantage, but making musical progress always requires consistent, creative practice.

Making music is uniquely engaging and inspiring for people at all levels of accomplishment.
It's a solace in lonely times, and it's a wonderful way to connect with other people. It's a labor of love and a fascinating exploration of both self and music. Join me in making music!

Read on to learn how we can make music together...

Piano Lessons your Way

My students are teens, adults and seniors, beginning or experienced. Some are returning to piano after many years. We study musical pieces, styles and skills that appeal specifically to them. Most students live close enough for face-to-face lessons. Some study with me from a distance via phone or online.  To read more...


What could be better than making music with your own built-in instrument, in the company of congenial people? Where I live, there are LOTS of people singing in choirs. Maybe that's because in our fast paced digital world, people are hungry for personal contact and the fulfillment and fun of working together. I direct several choirs in the Peterborough, Ontario area.  To read more...

Performance Skills that Work

Some people are naturally comfortable performers. Then there's the rest of us! Preparing for performance is a process that goes far beyond learning your music. Whether you're preparing for a friendly party, an audition, or the concert hall, there are musical and energy balancing techniques to make it easier. I work with solo performers and ensembles, in person or via the phone or internet. Most people have benefited from just a single session!  To read more...

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