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I was so spun out and anxious with too much to handle. My single Brain Gym session with Linda got me grounded so I can focus on tasks and get them done.

K.L., Peterborough

Brain Gym

Is your brain as smart as YOU are??

Nature gives you a perfect way to maximize your brainpower: MOVE YOUR BODY! The Brain Gym Movements have been carefully chosen to free people to live, learn, and perform at their best. Brain Gym is endorsed by educators and health practitioners worldwide, and is used by people in wide variety of settings: school, business, sports, performing arts, recovery from accident or trauma, and physio- and psychotherapy. Brain Gym helps people of ALL AGES develop neurologically; alleviate stress, trauma, and disability; and develop, maintain and reclaim physical and intellectual talents and skills.

Kids, professionals, and seniors use the simple Brain Gym Movements to…

  • Increase focus, stay sharp, remember, relax
  • Improve learning, presentation skills and test scores
  • Increase motor skills for writing, sports, and performing arts
  • Transform personal or emotional challenges into successes

Brain Gym is valuable in many different situations. It makes a great, quick warm up to prepare for other activities or meetings. It is an efficient stand-alone therapy. It helps to prepare for or reinforce other therapeutic modalities. People use Brain Gym for self-care at home, school and work. Brain Gym has a solid basis in neuro-physiology as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is sponsored by Brain Gym International, Ventura, CA. The course is active and energizing. Brain Gym gives the practitioner tools to enhance the energy and well-being of their clients and themselves.

People of ALL AGES use the simple Brain Gym Movements to be at their best.

I offer Brain Gym in a variety of contexts…

One-on-One consultations

People choose private consultations to achieve maximum change with a minimum of time and a maximum of privacy. Some people bring their children for Brain Gym sessions to help them work through school challenges. Others choose Brain Gym sessions as a very efficient alternative to talk-therapy, for resolving personal or professional challenges.

Click here to contact us for more information about personal consultations.


Introduction to Brain Gym

These are short sessions, from 45 minutes to two hours in length. They are designed to meet the needs and interests of the group. The sessions are a combination of lecture and active participation for all. People gain practical skills and an understanding of what Brain Gym is about.

Click here for schedules and registration.

Practical Daily Brain Gym

These sessions will give you a quick experiential introduction to Brain Gym. It will be practical and tailored to the needs and interests of the attendees. We will address issues like stress relief, physical coordination, balance, stability on your feet, self expression, better eyesight, and more.

Click here for schedules and registration.

Brain Gym Basics

  • You will learn to use Brain Gym for quick tune-ups. Use this for yourself and your family, with your students or clients, or to prepare your staff or team to work together effectively. For this popular “playshop”, wear comfortable clothes, and be prepared for a fascinating day. This is not aerobics! You will learn:
  • How to do the 26 Brain Gym movements. These are very simple and easy for most people to do. We also look at ways to modify Brain Gym for people with physical limitations.
  • Playful-yet-profound overview of neuro-anatomy.

This clear overview of how your brain works will demonstrate why movement can be so helpful and suggests which movements fill various needs. It also creates an important foundation for the complete Brain Gym 101 training.
Duration: 6-hours, scheduled either in one 6-hour day or two or more short sessions.
Detailed handouts included.
No prerequisites.

Click here for schedules and registration.

Brain Gym 101, “The Certificate Workshop”

Learn the additional skills that magnify the power of the Brain Gym Movements and facilitate deeper, longer lasting change. The Brain Gym Movements are “the actors”. The complete Brain Gym 101 balance skills are “the lighting, costumes, sets, and stage manager”.
You will learn to:

  • Use Brain Gym to ‘get unstuck’ and succeed at your chosen goal
  • Sharpen visual and auditory skills
  • Improve fine and gross motor movement
  • Sustain focus, stabilize emotions
  • Integrate the left and right brain hemispheres with Dennison Laterality Repatterning, to enhance creativity and all academic, performance, and movement skills
  • Use simple self-care techniques
  • Adapt Brain Gym movements to individual limitations
  • Do in-depth, tailored Brain Gym sessions for both individuals and groups

This certificate workshop is the prerequisite to most other Brain Gym courses. At the completion of Brain Gym 101, students are registered with Brain Gym International, Ventura, CA. Brain Gym International tracks the students’ course credits towards Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant status, and grants the professional license.
15 hours minimum.
Detailed manual included.
Pre-requisite: “Brain Gym Basics”.

Click here for Brain Gym schedules and registration.
Click here to contact us for more information about Brain Gym Workshops.