Radiant Yellow (MKE Wk 5)

I’ve seen so many systems of personality analysis — astrology, Myers-Briggs, enneagram, and a variety of color systems. I find it all fascinating.

Since 2015, I’ve been studying the Master Key Experience, a 6-month personal mastery course. In 2015-2016 I was a student of the course, and in 2016, and again 2017 I’m a “guide”, coaching new students. To register for the MKE, everyone has to go complete a brief personality colors system test. It’s interesting for the students, and crucial for the guides. Why? Because knowing the “color” of the person we’re guiding helps us speak to them and encourage them with language that resonates with them.

In this system, there are four colors. When you get your full color analysis, you learn that you have a percentage of each of the four colors. When I first got my color chart, I thought it was kind of sad, because I have zero% yellow in my chart. The Yellow’s prime directive is FUN, sociability and fresh perspectives. No yellow seems pretty grim!

It reminds me of what my favorite psychic, Norma, said to me one day. “It really doesn’t seem like you were a happy child, y’know, playing and just doing fun kid stuff.” And indeed, although my upbringing was healthy and very supportive in many ways, fun really wasn’t a part of family life.

Over the last couple years, with the colors in mind, I have gained a lot.

I’m learning that to be my best, serious, productive self, I need to include a balance of friendship and fun. My serious side might say it’s a waste of time. My larger perspective says I’m far more productive and energized when I up my Fun Quotient.

More Yellow

I really enjoyed watching the people in my world and guessing their colors. Previously, I was often impatient with the Yellows in my world. I might judge them as being flighty, disorganized, not serious. Now I’m learning to treasure them. I have more than enough grounded organization to share, and I simply love witnessing and learning from their ability to connect, to inspire, to bring lightness and levity.

I’m totally enjoying being encourage, inspired and set free by absorbing more sweet, radiant yellow!