Week 8 –Old Dogs DO Learn New Tricks

A couple years ago I adopted ‘Spark’, a little 9 year old ‘rescue’ dog. She’s a ‘poodle mutt’. She came to me very smart, but uneducated. I’ve taught her a number of skills and tricks. Forget that stuff about not teaching old dogs new tricks!! She loves them. I’m starting to feel like all the exercises and […]

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MKMMA Week 24 — Onward & Upward

What a busy week! For years I have used and taught energy balancing disciplines. You can get a glimpse under Services at http://energywork4u.com . They had gone dormant over the last few months, just too much to do. Recently somebody asked me to teach “Brain Fitness”, so it was time for me to send out […]

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MKMMA Week 23 — Trust my Team

Wednesday night, I went to sleep at about 1:00 a.m. with the alarm clock set for 7:57 a.m.  Promptly at 7:56, I woke up and checked the time.  Hah! With perfect precision, just one minute before alarm time, Subby saved me from the rude awakening of the alarm. Virtually everyone has had that experience. I […]

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MKMMA Week 22 — Auspicious

We were just given an assignment to spend one or two days in silence and contemplation. HUNH??!! What was I supposed to make of THAT??! I had no idea, and I felt we were given no guidance how to proceed. Then I remembered that somewhere right around now is Mahasivaratri. Siva is one aspect of […]

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