MKMMA Week 1 — Conscious Mind – from hubris to humility

Here I am in September, 2015, starting back to school! Great. I’m always up for learning something new, and what could be a more fascinating topic than ME??!! Well, I’m not going to “school” as in “institution”, but I am diving into MKMMA, a six-month, in-depth course to identify, define, and succeed at living my PURPOSE with a capital P.

Here’s something that’s catching my attention. In MKMMA, I’m studying materials by Og Mandino and Charles Haanel. They teach me about mastering my mind START_road-909704_640and my intentions. They teach about the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the Higher Mind. They emphasize the importance of clarity of purpose and the need for focused, self-confident intention to achieve my Purpose.

Meanwhile, last summer I started studying the principles of a Hawaiian discipline called SITH, Self-Identity through Ho’opononpono. It also teaches a lot about those same three levels of consciousness, but it describes some significant differences in how they function. The biggest difference that grabs my attention is the relative in
significance and power of the conscious mind.

Mandino and Haanel include words like, “since the world within is subject to our control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control.” The SITH model on the other hand, teaches that although we have infinite power and resources, they are delivered to, not created or controlled by, the conscious mind. Consciousness is either reacting to memory coming up from the subconscious, or inspiration direct from the Higher Self, the Aumakua. The conscious mind, the uhane, is empowered to observe the impulses arising and to use a simple invocation process to allow the Aumakua to clean away any old memory baggage, from this lifetime or any other. After the “cleaning”, we become clear enough to recognize whether we are receiving an impulse from memory (subconscious) or inspiration, (Aumakua).

Many researchers are writing now, in the early 21st century, about brain function, consciousness, and free will. Vitale cites some of them as follows. Claxton said, “…experiments that prove our brains tell us what to do before we consciously decide to do it;” and “no intention is ever hatched in consciousness; no plan ever laid there. Intentions are premonitions; icons that flash in the corners of consciousness to indicate what may be about to occur.” And from Libet, “the unconscious appearance of an intention to act could not be controlled consciously. Only its final consummation in a motor act could be consciously controlled.” Schwartz wrote, “your conscious will – your power to choose – can veto the impulse that started in your unconscious… That’s free will, or, as Schwartz describes it, “free won’t.

So with these ideas in mind, I appreciate more every day that when I resist my best intentions, there can be literally eons of habit to clean and release. And when I get a ‘brilliant insight”, my conscious mind is simply a humble, willing transmitter of that brilliance. There’s so much MORE to “me” than the conscious part that I experience as “me”. The more I invest myself in releasing habitual subconscious blocks, the more I become a harmonious, integrated, powerful, successful person. I am becoming increasingly excited and humble about the possibilities available to “me”. And although I have an important part to play to facilitate excellence, conscious “me” has access to mighty actors striving to work with and through me to create “my” success.

MKMMAwendyht - October 13, 2015

Aloha Danny, I’ll have to go follow your blog. Thanks, Linda, for your blog linking everyone together. Mahalo, Wendy

    lindasue88 - October 13, 2015

    I love having our own club within a club!! Transformation-HO!

      MKMMAwendyht - October 13, 2015


dannycl - October 13, 2015

Now that is a mouth full to wrap any mind around. I am glad that you shared Mark’s MKMMA link with me, for I most likely would not be here. Maholo

    lindasue88 - October 13, 2015

    I’m extra encouraged to do my homework, knowing I have buddies like you on the path with me!! thanks. Linda

      dannycl - October 13, 2015

      Yes it is. As if we are not taking this journey alone. We have each other’s back.

MKMMAwendyht - October 10, 2015

Hi Linda, I too really enjoyed all your comparisons – particularly since we’re both instructors and practitioners of various brain-body integration modalities of specialized (energy) kinesiology as well as musicians who perform and teach. You are a true wordsmith. I’m definitely following your blog 🙂 As Mark says Peace be the Journey

Liane Hack - October 8, 2015

Hi Linda,this is an interesting post, you really brought up a lot of comparisons. I love Ho’oponopono too and do it a lot. I am very happy to be with you on this journey.

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