MKMMA Week 8 — Old Dogs DO Learn New Tricks

A couple years ago I adopted ‘Spark’, a little 9 year old ‘rescue’ dog. She’s a ‘poodle mutt’. She came to me very smart, but uneducated. I’ve taught her a number of skills aDSCN0184_crop1_smaller filend tricks. Forget that stuff about not teaching old dogs new tricks!! She loves them.

I’m starting to feel like all the exercises and efforts I’m making with the Master Keys course are starting to rekindle the cooperation of my subconscious, so Spark and I are both learning new tricks! I’m enjoying unexpected glimmers of success and hopefulness.

In high school, I was a pro at waking just before my alarm clock, turning if off, and snoozing some more. I thought it was curious that I could wake up so precisely before the clock, but didn’t think much about it. Over the years, that skill has happened less regularly until this week.

I had a day trip to Toronto planned on Tuesday. My alarm clock was set for 6:56 a.m. (I have a ‘thing’ about symmetrical numbers.) It would be a strenuous day, so I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. But noooooo such luck. The coffee I finished at 5:00 p.m. came back to haunt me and keep me nicely awake until about 3:00 a.m.

Nevertheless, at 6:55 a.m. – Bing! – my eyes opened and I was quite awake. I turned off the clock, which didn’t get to alarm me, & started my day. I felt like Cobra, my subby, was quite smug and happy that it successfully got through to me.

I’m also having moments when my DMP goals are feeling more like an upcoming reality, and less like a fuzzy wish list. It feels like a subtle, yet very significant shift, like little shafts of intense light that wink on occasionally.

Increasingly, I have a sense that conscious ‘me’ is embedded in a much larger, and increasingly accessible ‘ME’. I also suspect that the goals I’m pursuing are not nearly as important as my increasing inner integration that’s a product of the pursuit of the goals. Spark-dog and I are both having fun learning our new tricks!

masterkeyalangoldberg - November 25, 2015

Great to know that we are never too old to learn. Great article

Liane Hack - November 24, 2015

Great post Linda, as long as you keep learning you never get old. It’s good to read that you see you DMP goals more like a reality. I love that.

Master Key Reenen - November 24, 2015

Awesome to hear that you both are learning new tricks, Enjoy.

mommamccracken - November 22, 2015

Well Linda Sue – glad to see your business goals are glimmering (hope I’m involved LOL). Next I don’t think we are old dogs LOL again!! We are just starting our new amazing lives full of energy, enthusiasm and seeing the world as though it is brand new, much like little children would. Thirdly, Spark was a very lucky dog when he got to come live with you!

mkmmamission - November 22, 2015

Linda your blog is inspiring. thank you for sharing…Peace Karen

MKMMAwendyht - November 22, 2015

Aloha Lindasue! Your blog is BRILLIANT! I’m sooooo thrilled for you! Mahalo for being you and for being the person who introduced me to MKMMA – thought I’d toss that in just in case you read my week 8 blog ;-}}}} Cheers & Hugs

annesmasterkey - November 21, 2015

great blog, I too will wake just before the alarm goes, I hadnt given it much thought till now. Hope you enjoyed Toronto.

dannycl - November 21, 2015

Lovely Linda! Have ever wondered if you didn’t set the alarm would you still wake up before it’s set time? I to do this about a half hour before it goes off. Glad we got your post relocated. 🙂

    lindasue88 - November 22, 2015

    Well, I don’t totally trust, so if I don’t set the alarm, I wake up about every 2 hours all night. Subby works fine. It’s my trust that’s limited.

      dannycl - November 22, 2015

      So true. It’s that “what if” feeling. So we keep setting it. 🙂

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