MKMMA Week 7 – A Choice of Wallpaper

My goodness the weeks are flying by in our program. We had a challenge-assignment this week — to not think any negative thought for one week. It was a bit softened with the option to catch ourselves in a negative thought & delete or reframe it within 7 seconds. Otherwise the assignment week STARTS OVER. Argh. Sounds like the Myth of Sisyphus.

In case you don’t know about Mr. Sisyphus,  and don’t remember his fate, he was condemned to continually push a big boulder uphill. Push, push, push. But as soon as he succeeded and reached the top, the boulder would roll down and he’d have to start over again.grey-white_spore_wallpaper_894_th

Well, I’m pretty good at not chiming in on a grumble fest with other people. I’ve got myself thoroughly reprogrammed to spontaneously say, “it’s quite a cold, dark day today”, instead of saying “the weather sucks today”.

My biggest challenge is I seem to have a subtle, constant drone of negativity burbling along like mental wallpaper.

As Mark Twain said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” In my case, it really does seem to me like something passed on from past generations. Really, I’ve had a pretty easy, positive life, overall.

One of my favorite ways to counteract that wallpaper, is with this little Thank You song. After a while the tune & rhythm become self-perpetuating, and they become my new mental wallpaper. What I especially enjoy is that when I get the song going, I spontaneously start seeing things around me that make me smile. It’s a great little tool for me. Wanna join me in song? Thank You song

mkmmamission - November 21, 2015

Greetings Linda, I enjoyed your blog… Looking forward to reading Week 8…
Thank You is always the best choice for lifting the spirit and mind…
Worry in my Family was passed on from generation to generation… Also gossip… they did not mean to be gossips; they were just so loving and concerned that they always discussed each other and all of us cousins….With 9 Aunts, who by the way were wonderful and supportive to all 51 first cousins I had, just could not let go of worry… I determined NOT TO GOSSIP! Best decision, Did you know that the song: “Don’t worry Be Happy” was transferred mentally from the Guru to the person who made it famous in that great song…
Peace and Joy Karen

Marea Adejuwon - November 16, 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You inspire me.

masterkeychiara13 - November 16, 2015

Nice song! we will all sing it, what a powerful effect it will be. Thank you 🙂

    lindasue88 - November 16, 2015

    I’m glad you like it. It certainly doesn’t take long to learn the words!! LOL

annesmasterkey - November 15, 2015

Mark Twain’s comment its sad that it is still true for most people today. Im grateful to be learning the way out. Thank You song is a great idea – Thank you for sharing

mommamccracken - November 14, 2015

Well thank you for the thank you song – good for me cause the words are easy. LOL If you had put some back ground music to it you might have gotten away with it being your homework assignment for Week 7 LOL Great blog

    lindasue88 - November 14, 2015

    Thx for the comment. that little song really does work. Once you sing it 4-5x, it keeps singing itself.

dannycl - November 14, 2015

Great idea! Let’s sing a song. Wish I could whistle while I work.

Liane Hack - November 14, 2015

Thank YOU Linda. Love your post, love your song. Great way to start my day.

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