MKMMA Week 3 — My Cosmic Bird Poop Lesson

A week or so ago, I was walking my doggie. A bird flew over head and I casually wondered if anyone actually gets pooped on by flying birds. The thought came and went quickly, without any particular interest or emotion. I just noticed that in all my years of seeing flying birds, I don’t remember ever thinking that before.

Only a few days later, again on a dog walk – SPLAT – a direct hit of sea gull poop on my hbird poopead!! Not a bit on my clothes, just smack on my head. My doggie was peeved that our walk was cut short because I thought the next thing for me to do was shower!!

I know from years of study, reading, and exploring, that thoughts are things. What I dwell on will come to be. But I’ve wondered quite a bit about this Cosmic Bird Poop Lesson, because my initial thought was completely casual and fleeting. No emotion to it, just a casual thought-blip. If all my casual thoughts manifested like that, I would have had all manner of things happen to me over the years!!

Now as luck would have it, my friend Connie is also on the MKMMA journey with me. We were walking and talking yesterday, yes with the doggie, and I told my bird poop experience to her. I thought it was a ‘cosmic insult’. Connie said that to the contrary, in her family it is known that getting bird pooped is a good luck sign. Well, that helped me lighten up and brighten up about it. But I still wondered what the lesson is, because it feels to me like a Lesson.

I’ve been musing on the concept of sacrifice, and specifically what I must sacrifice to reach my unmet goals. The only thing that comes to mind is that I must sacrifice my conscious and unconscious impulses and desires to be stuck or to fail. Without those heavy thoughts, I simply have no impulse to indulge in external distractions and impediments, and I simply “get ‘er done”.

So here is my take away from the Cosmic Bird Poop Lesson. Look how simply and effectively my little fleeting bird poop thought manifested. It didn’t take any work, time, or discipline on my part. I simply thought it, released it, and the Cosmos took care of a perfectly targeted response. I will remember that ease of manifestation as I speak the goals that are important to me. I will simply speak them and release them. Keep it simple. Let it be easy. Just say “thank you”.

MKMMAwendyht - January 3, 2016

Aloha Linda, I’ll do as directed “Thank You” 😉 Many thanks for your great wisdom! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

Liane Hack - October 19, 2015

Hi Linda,
This is a great story the application of the Law of attraction, more important though, your awareness of it. Bravo. Now I must say I am one of the lucky people that go pooped on already so this gives us something extra in common :). So happy to be on this journey with you. Liane

nanoumasterkey - October 17, 2015

Reblogged this on nanoumasterkey and commented:
I really do like this Cosmic Bird Poop Lesson !

Linda - October 17, 2015

Thanks for your kind works. I’d say you’re a master of insight with a wry twist. Much appreciated!

Linda - October 16, 2015

I’m grateful for the journey, for you being me friend, for the assignment of blogging, because it helps me get conscious!

mommamccracken - October 16, 2015

Well, this gave me goosebumps – maybe because I was part of the story, but I also can’t help thinking that we are on this journey together – and get to benefit from all of these wonderful insights together! My response to your blog was very strong – so I can’t help but think that you are on the right path, and so am I. Like following the path on our walk on Corrigan’s Hill, we kept looking around each corner to see where the path would lead to – sometimes we stopped and turned back and once you even commented “Isn’t that the path we entered our walk from” and then we tried a different path. If the vibrations my body are omitting are telling me we are on the right path, and I believe they are, it’s going to be an incredible journey, friend!!

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