MKMMA Week 24 — Onward & Upward

What a busy week!

For years I have used and taught energy balancing disciplines. You can get a glimpse under Services at http://energywork4u.com . They had gone dormant over the last few months, just too much to do.

Recently somebody asked me to teach “Brain Fitness”, so it was time for me to send out an eNews inviting all to attend. Well, with all the brilliance the Digital Devas shared with us over the last few months, my eNews is way more classy than ever before. I’m SO appreciative of their help.newsletter-634808_640

I’m also about to launch a whole website makeover with the Digi Devas. So long story short, I just feel like I’m jumping right ahead into more adventures.

You might enjoy listening to this John Taylor Gatto clip that I included in my eNews. Gatto is a hero of mine, a current day wise elder, helping us understand why and how some of our old blueprint material got installed through years of free education.

Free — hah! Getting FREE of it is really challenging!

Listen to John’s fascinating words. Gatto on The Purpose of Schooling

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with you. Master Key is stepping up to a whole new plane. WHEEEEE!!


dannycl - March 28, 2016

Now is this your shortest blog yet?
Love Gatto’s video! I never thought of it like that and yet it makes perfect sense. Well least for the few selfish self directed thinkers. Looking forward to viewing your new and improved website.

    lindasue88 - March 28, 2016

    If you liked that video, you can see an incredible interview of Gatto, done by Richard Grove, at TragedyAndHope.com. you can google it. quite long, & Gatto & Grove at their finest!

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