MKMMA Week 23 — Trust my Team

Wednesday night, I went to sleep at about 1:00 a.m. with the alarm clock set for 7:57 a.m.  Promptly at 7:56, I woke up and checked the time.  Hah! With perfect precision, just one minute before alarm time, Subby saved me from the rude awakening of the alarm.alarm clock_blue

Virtually everyone has had that experience. I know in high school I was a master of waking up just before the alarm clock buzzed, turning the clock off, and going back to sleep. It doesn’t happen every time I set the clock, but it’s happens a lot. It’s no big deal.

Wait a minute!! It is TOO a big deal. I think it’s high time that I realize just how knowledgeable, active, and able my subconscious is. When I don’t disable it by doubt or neglect, Subby does so MUCH for me.

Another skill I use a lot is when I can’t find something, when I’ve put it in a “safe place”, I ask Subby, out loud, to please show me where the thing is. And then I forget about it. Well, Subby doesn’t forget about it, she finds it for me and leads right to it when I’m not thinking about it.

A couple days ago, I was in a quiet tizzy. I had so much to do that I simply didn’t know where to start. I felt down and immobilized. I sat myself down for a Sit. At the beginning of my 15 minute session, I put in a request for direction, and then I went deep into contemplation of cosmic things. I came out of the Sit and went right to work, feeling purposeful and clear about what needed to be done. And that clarity of priorities has continued for days.

Several hours after that Sit, I realized I had spontaneously known what to do, no doubts, no confusion. I just went to work with simple clarity and direction.

I am more and more clear that “I” am part of a team. “I’s” job is to recognize a direction, goal, or need, to portray it with clarity plant sproutto the rest of “The Team”, then to quietly take direction or accept success. There’s work to be done, but more and more often I understand that idea that living my life is like being a gardener — plant the seeds, give a little water, and know that nature will do all the growing. TRUST my Team!

I feel humble, relieved, and optimistic.

masterkeyroz - March 25, 2016

Forever grateful on this journey with you and our team clearing the blocks within ourselves to the love that we are. Mahalo!

dannycl - March 19, 2016

Awesome blog Linda!
Why is it we tend to interfere with team members who know their job better than we do?
Yes trust the team! It’s not as if we can fire them and hire a new one.

Master Key Reenen - March 19, 2016

Subconscious is amazing, thanks for the great post. Shalom

MKMMAwendyht - March 19, 2016

Aloha LindaSue 🙂 What a wonderful blog! I love your thought process and your wonderful wordsmithing. Mahalo for your writings. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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