MKMMA Week 22a — The Omni’s

For months we’ve been studying “The Master Keys” by Haanel. In many chapters, he mentions the words omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent in regards to God or the Higher Power. There’s nothing unique about ascribing those qualities to God.

What’s unique for me, is that over the last few weeks I have spent more and more time contemplating those words. ‘Contemplate’ sounds too mental for what I’ve been doing. What I’m doing is more like having a deep sensory experience of those “Omni’s”.lotus-1205631_640

I explore the omnipresence of God in me, in my chair, in the Earth, in the Cosmos, in a speck. I just take time to FEEL the reality of omnipresence. It’s one thing to think about it, but it’s becoming increasingly stunning to FEEL it. And then I do the same with ‘omniscience’ and ‘omnipotence’. Wow!!

And then having tuned up my ability to FEEL, I direct it towards the goals I’m aspiring to. I feel a future me experiencing those goals. It’s one thing to visualize a goal, but it’s quite another thing to live into the skin of the person who has attained those goals.

It’s profound. I’m seeing my piano playing progress more rapidly than ever, and I just had my most successful business month in many years, although I spent 10 days visiting far away family members, and doing no business. I did continue my daily contemplation, though. I’m getting quite devoted to that potent experience.

I’m grateful.



masterkeyroz - March 18, 2016

She who feels, knows it. Peace be the journey!

Chiara - March 14, 2016

Very inspiring post Linda. I am also grateful for sharing this journey with you.

masterkeyalangoldberg - March 13, 2016

Great introspection on the ‘omni’ words. I think I’m going to take your example and contemplate them in my next ‘sits’

    lindasue88 - March 16, 2016

    Let me know how you fare in “Omni Land”. I’m still finding it richer by the day!

mommamccracken - March 12, 2016

Good for passing on your positivity.

dannycl - March 12, 2016

One for All and All for One! The Omni’s!
I think I have been in that moment once or twice. Before the MKMMA. I didn’t know it till now.
Mahalo for the share.

MKMMAwendyht - March 12, 2016

Aloha Linda, How inspiring! Truly, a wondrous blog post. I’m very thrilled for you :-))) Mahalo for sharing so beautifully. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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