MKMMA Week 22 — Auspicious

We were just given an assignment to spend one or two days in silence and contemplation. HUNH??!! What was I supposed to make of THAT??! I had no idea, and I felt we were given no guidance how to proceed.

Then I remembered that somewhere right around now is Mahasivaratri. Siva is one
aspect of divinity in the Hindu trinity. Shiva represents the destructive aspect of God. There must always first be release or destruction of old forms or habits or ideas in order to make way for growth or change or regeneration.

Every month, on the new moon, is Sivaratri, literally Siva Night. You know how people are prone to shiva1_bluelunacy on the full moon? Something about that strong radiation from the moon tends to create imbalance. Well, on the new moon, the opposite is true. The loonie energy is at a minimum, and we have an enhanced possibility for deep insight and understanding.

In the Hindu calendar, once a year, in February or March, is Mahasivaratri, or the Great Siva Night. Devout Siva devotees will spend the entire night in fasting, prayer, meditation and chanting. It is said to be a time when we can gain especially deep and valuable insights.

This year Mahasivaratri is on March 7th or 8th (depending on which calendar you consult). In my schedule, I have no commitments between midday on Sunday, after conducting my church choir, until mid-afternoon on Tuesday. That timing is too auspicious to ignore. I can go on retreat with no need to reschedule anything!

I will retire into my home. Since I live alone, nobody will be perplexed by my silence. I have meditations I want to go deeply into. Today I was given a special energy tune up which will help me be more perceptive than before.

So wish me ‘bon voyage’. I’ve never taken a two-day meditation break before. I’m looking forward to going on this inner journey, and not even needing to pack!

masterkeychiara13 - March 8, 2016

Hi Linda!! I am with you in this journey! Thank you for your insight. Om namah Sivaya!

masterkeychiara13 - March 8, 2016

Hi Linda!! I am with you in this amazing journey. Thank you for your insight. Om namah Sivaya!!

Liane - March 8, 2016

Bon voyage Linda. Thank you for this beautiful insight in Hindu mystery.

mommamccracken - March 5, 2016

wow good for you! Pretty cool the significant time we are asked to do this. Talking about the full moon, my dad always said he never got thru a full moon without a headache, and I have also been affected. I really look forward to hearing what you discover. partner

MKMMAwendyht - March 5, 2016

Ah, Bon Voyage, Linda!! You might want to be prepared for coming back out of your meditation – my hubby was away for a week and I spent the time in silence, not even music for company – and when he returned it was like a walk on a country lane had become like a walk through rush hour traffic ;-)) Enjoy your 2 day silent meditation 🙂 Mahalo for all your wonderful information on Siva…I’m one of those people who has been strongly affected by the phases of the moon. I’m thinking it’s time to do a session for myself on balancing out the energy of those cycles so I can sleep every night ;-)))) Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

masterkeyroz - March 5, 2016

Bon Voyage Linda!

dannycl - March 5, 2016

Awesome Linda! You know right now you people who live alone I am becoming jellious of.
I look forward to hearing about your journey. Perhaps we will meet during a sit.

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