MKMMA Week 20 — A drop of joy

I got home late last night from a week away. It’s been a very mild winter where I live in Ontario, but a week ago Thursday the temperature plummeted. I count myself very lwater droplet bouncingucky that the very next day I was on a plane to Las Vegas (convention) and then on to sunny southern California (happy family visits). Driving home from the airport last night the temperature was comfortably mild again.

On the flight home, I read an article in the November/December, 2015, Networking Times magazine. It’s about Sawaf and Garielle and their work with Emotional Alchemy. I’m curious to see more of their materials, and you’ll see why.

One part I read speaks directly to the potential for “negative” emotions to fuel a very positive outcome.

Adding a Drop of Joy

By adding a drop of joy to anger, an alchemical reaction occurs, transforming anger into courage. Courage is the ability to act to correct an injustice, even if we do not have all the answers yet. It is the willingness to be wrong in the pursuit of what is right. Adding another drop of joy transforms courage into passion.


I think I’ve already been the happy beneficiary of Emotional Alchemy in my business over the last two months. I didn’t have much time for seeking new business, but I did always take time for my daily meditative Sit. In the Sit, I always include some time focusing on specific business successes I desire and generating a feeling of deep pleasure around those successes. The result? Out of the blue, people have been contacting me to make purchases and start new accounts.

I love that, and I’m highly motivated to continue!!



Liane - March 8, 2016

Adding a drop of joy, that is a beautiful thought. Thank you for sharing.

masterkeyroz - February 26, 2016

Truly captivating!

masterkeychiara13 - February 23, 2016

Nice, Linda! I experience the same…the more I sit, I meditate, the more new people are contacting me for my yoga classes! How amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

mommamccracken - February 21, 2016

I think I have a lot of passion around my business, but do need to do more positive sits!

dannycl - February 21, 2016

Hmm…. The power of thought works in mysterious ways. Welcome home.

MKMMAwendyht - February 21, 2016

Aloha Linda, Fascinating blog post. I’m curious to hear more about the Emotional Alchemy! Happy Homecoming :-)) Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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