MKMMA Week 2 — Breaking Free

Here I am near the end of MKMMA, Week 2, the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. It’s a six month project to help me lift my sights and my accomplishments closer to the success and experience I desire for my life. And the guardians of my old boundaries are agitated!

Many, many years ago, I heard about an old Tibetan monk. When he was feeling especially troubled or fearful or out of sorts, he would invite his friends to a party. Why? Because he knew, when he felt bad or uncomfortable, he was on the verge of an important breakthrough, so it was time to celebrate.

I’m teamed up with that monk!!

I had a favorite psychic named Norma. She was a totally “regular gal” with excellent insight. I’d go to her now, but she passed away several years ago. One day at the end of our session, Norma said, “You were never a child!”


She said, “You were never allowed to just be a child, and play, and be carefree.” I think she’s right. I certainly had a comfortable childhood in terms of creature comforts and a “normal” family life. But fun was not a regular part of our family experience. REALLY early on I learned not to expect too much, or hope for things beyond my reach, or be the one who would stretch and grow past the comfort zones of my parents.

So here I am with an assignment to identify and articulate, with PASSION no less, my life’s major purpose. Well, I’ve never dared to hope for or even think such a thing. After all, why even think about something completely unattainable?? And my inner child mastered being seen but NOT heard!freedom-359087_640

So for now I’ve decided to #1, DO SOMETHING, knowing that the doing will help me evaluate and feel what’s in soul-harmony for me. And #2, identify and amplify the QUALITIES I choose to embody, right now, in my daily life as it is.

Really, I think that in many ways exactly WHAT I’m devoted to is not as important as the WAY in which I approach it. So I’m identifying those qualities, and giving my creative imagination free rein to show me how life will look when I embody more creativity and joy in everything I do.

Anybody want to join me in more joy and inspiration??!! Come on along!

mlesmasterkey - October 13, 2015

I really resonate with the monk throwing a party because he is about to “breakthrough”, never having been a child allowed to be carefree and play, and the challenge of articulating your life’s major purpose when you’ve never even dreamed of anything let alone your life’s major purpose. Buckle up… I think we’ve got great adventures ahead!

mommamccracken - October 13, 2015

LOL Is that why we met on our journey – blue, party girl? I can see that not only are we going to learn more about ourselves and what we want to accomplish, but what and how others are feeling. Sometimes as people who think on a different level, we feel alone, but after only reading one new person’s blog this morning, I already feel as though I am going to meet some very special new people on this thrilling journey. Pretty excited about it all! Connie

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