MKMMA Week 18 — Awareness

Thought, Attention, Interest.

Those three words are important in Haanel, Part 18. I’m also inclined to add the word Awareness.

I promised Tony that I will record his piano piece, “Dream”, burn it to a CD and send it to him. The project is long overdue and I put it on my Service Card for this week. Tony was born and raised in Russia. He studied cello at
dream-moon-star_478982_960_720 the Moscow Conservatory. He was a German POW. later lived in Venezuela, and now lives in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. There’s so much more to tell about his history, but hey, Tony is 99 years old. I better get this project done soon!

So I made a first recording yesterday, using my PC. Well that was a bust. The computer microphone simply isn’t up to the task. Today I purchased a new digital recording device, spent an hour or so studying the very small print of the owner’s manual, and made my first recordings. (Hooray!!)

Well my playing is OK, but although I think of myself as quite aware of how I play, the device tells me another story. I do pay attention, and my interest is keen, but I think it’s like a fish not being aware of the water it swims in. When I listen to the recording, I hear obvious opportunities for polish and refinement. Not hard to do, but definitely requiring enhanced attention.

Haanel, in paragraph 14, says “Thought is the invisible link by which the individual comes into communication with the Universal…” I have to wonder if he really means thought, or if “awareness” would be a better choice of words. I experience thinking as an active process, driven my conscious mind. Awareness I experience as a receptive state where my attention is keen, I am profoundly observant, and open to insights from Higher Mind.

I am striving for increased awareness when I play “Dream”. I’m thankful to have a new device that will help me sharpen and refine my perception.

Stay tuned. I plan to include my finished recording of Dream in my blog next week.

Liane Hack - February 9, 2016

So curious to hear your playing next. Great post, love the links you make.

Master Key Reenen - February 6, 2016

Great post can’t wait for the finshed product. Thanks for sharing.

dannycl - February 6, 2016

Awesome! I am sure we all will be counting the days till Tony’s world wide launch. Mahalo!

MKMMAwendyht - February 6, 2016

Brilliant, Linda! I loved your query re Thought / Awareness :-)) I’ve just written a wee blog on Scroll V – also commenting on language ;-}} And I managed to keep the blog to under 300 words!!! :-))) Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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