MKMMA Week 16 — Balance

A few things converged to start me thinking differently this week.

I downloaded and read my full Color Code profile. Blue – White – Red. That’s me. Zero% Yellow. Oh dear. Yellow’s are Fun-motivated and I’m don’t have any. Yes, I really can get stuck in my work.

The part that really struck me is that although I’m a strong blue, and intimacy-motivated, I live alone and work from home as a solo entrepreneur. No wonder I’m so attached to my sweet little dog. OK, hold that thought for a moment.balloons_CROPPED-1284418_640

Then in reading “The Greatest Salesman”, Scroll IV, for a few days I tended to skip past the couple paragraphs on keeping a clear distinction and separation between work life and family life.

I figured that my far flung family members live quite far away. Those relationships certainly don’t tend to bleed into my work life. And I live alone, and run my own business, out of my home. There’s no interference with home life.

Then it struck me that I’m always energetic and positive on Monday and Tuesday, but I tend to burn out around Wednesday every week. I have no home life!! I forget to indulge in life outside of work. Hey, note to self, the very word “indulge” implies some kind of weakness, or frill. How about revitalization??!

So I am exploring ways to create more balance in how I live. I’m finding times to walk away from work and create enjoyable intimacy with other parts of my life. Although my primary motivation is not Fun, I still enjoy it and am finding more ways to include it because it’s … FUN!! And I’m remembering to step away from work and reach out and connect with a phone call or visit to a friend.

It’s interesting to me that this week just FLEW by. My energy was as keen and balanced on Friday as it was on Monday. I am happily surprised and will definitely continue my exploration of balance and vitality!

Liane Hack - January 19, 2016

Everybody should have fun in their lives. It is not a “yellow’s” privilege. The difference is maybe that you can survive without, a yellow might feel like lacking oxygen :-). Great to see that you find your balance, just follow that path.

masterkeychiara13 - January 18, 2016

Fun became a key word for me too, so let’s indulge in having fun! What a great post. I love it!!

Master Key Reenen - January 17, 2016

Creating ballance in your life will set you free. Great post, thanks.

mkmmamission - January 16, 2016

Revitalization! What a simple but profound way to balance.

mommamccracken - January 16, 2016

LOL I was your party friend and now I am more work focused. what is that all about?? Good observation Linda – Vegas should be fun!!! On the road again… speaking of that Willie Nelson was being awarded last night and he sang “On the road again” so I thought of you.

mamabeckysmasterkey - January 16, 2016

Wow Linda! What great insights! So happy you are finding the way to a better you!

MKMMAwendyht - January 16, 2016

BRAVA Linda!! That’s fabulous – all of it – the insights – the results – the FUN!! I may go get my full colour profile ;-))) I’m so glad you’re having a good time – you deserve it!!! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

dannycl - January 16, 2016

How interesting! Keeping work and home life seperate. I pondered that thought in regards to home base business. I wonder if when you are burned out by Wednesday if that isn’t white influence? Being a white-yellow I find at times, no all the time I struggle to stay focused on the objective. We are going to have lots of fun using our colour code in our work to better our teams performance. Looking forward to our first colour meeting. Peace.

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