MKMMA Week 12 — Faith


Every Sunday we have a significant webinar as part of our 6-month, Master Key Experience program. We spent weeks last fall, under the coaching of a personal guide, drafting our own personal mission statement. Recently, we also drafted a concentrated single sentence which catches the essence of our personal 6-month goal. The Sunday webinar on December 6 included a 50-minute hiatus during which we were directed to vigorously repeat our one-sentence personal affirmation.


By the time I finished my affirmation session, I felt extremely positive and energized. I felt genuinely optimistic and confident about achieving my goal. I also felt that I should definitely plan to attend the summer seminars to which our Master Key group is invited. I felt clear, grounded, and powerful.

Over the next days, my “practical, realistic” side definitely cautioned me about these summer plans. It’s not obvious that I have sufficient funding to pay for this adventure. Is it prudent to jump into something like this on faith and enthusiasm?

In this same program, we have been considering the characteristics of the right and left brain hemispheres. This has been especially potent for me since for years I have been studying and teaching about the different kinds of experience supported by the different parts of the brain.

I have never had such a vivid, conscious awareness contrasting my thinking from my right and left brains.

After that 50-minute affirmation session, I had a clear, emotionally supported experience of how to proceed. It was clearly right brain thinking: emotionally robust, intuitive, heart-centered, visionary. Later, the left brain chimed in with its details, what-ifs, number-crunching, “realism”.

And now I am left with the cparachute2_wide_sizedhallenge of integrating this experience. I haven’t felt this sort of passion and excitement for many years. Haanel reminds me of the biblical injunctions —

Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive.”

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

It’s like trusting that the parachute will in fact carry me through a safe, wondrous journey. Wish me luck!!

masterkeychiara13 - December 21, 2015

Let’s all meet in Kaouai…let’ s put the intention and the means will follow…!!! See you there 🙂

Master Key Reenen - December 21, 2015

Keep on believing you are doing great. Shalom

annesmasterkey - December 21, 2015

You dont need luck!!! Listen to your heart xx

dannycl - December 19, 2015

Great blog Linda! I can’t help but think your inner fire is roaring with the brain knowledge from these few past weeks. What’s the temperature like right now?

smithgwaynemkmma - December 19, 2015

Great blog. I really like the parachute. It reminds me that a parachute is like the mind, they work when they are open.
You go girl.

mommamccracken - December 19, 2015

I wonder if that parachute will take us to kauaii??

MKMMAwendyht - December 19, 2015

Yay, Lindasue!!! I loved your blog post. I’m sending you LOTS of good energy so that your parachute can glide safely to Hawaii this Summer! Have Faith! Yours in Gratitude, Light, Love & Support wendyht

Liane Hack - December 19, 2015

Great post Linda, best to use both hemispheres. Let the right breeze guide your parachute to Kauai in summer, I’d love to meet you there :-).

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