MKMMA Week 9 — Finding Power

In our Master Key course, we are encouraged to keep to a mental diet of no negative thinking. As I looked deeper into that, I wondered about ‘negative thinking’. I understand that to grumble and complain is unproductive negativity. Also, judging other people is another form of unwholesome negativity.

But when I look at some of the issues that concern me in my world, am I thinking negatively when I think or say that they are dangerous or bad? For example, after a lot of study, I am convinced that artificial water fluoridation is a dangerous practice health-wise, that iDogs-Standing-In-Bowls-Fluoridation-COF-COF-340-x-255t is also a clear violation of the individual’s right of informed consent. When I say the practice is dangerous, is that being negative? I think not. It is a considered evaluation.

This brings me to the line between observation and emotional reaction. I have a lot of experience and skill as an educator. In an area such as fluoridation, however, I cannot teach as effectively because I become edgy, angry, even combative around the issue. In the grip of that emotion, I lose my clarity of expression. I lose my ability to see my best options for influencing others’ opinion, and I feel extremely tense and uncomfortable.

My search now is to learn to study, observe, and understand; to feel motivation, dedication and even passion for a cause or purpose; and to remain emotionally centered and stable. I know my power comes from a level beyond my emotions or even my intellect, and the only way for me to align with that power is to avoid being overcome by fear, impatience or anger, to avoid being overtaken by negative emotions.

Up until recently, I have tried to control or hide my negative emotions. I’m pretty good at, good Scorpio that I am. My sense is that my power and poise lies way beyond those emotions. I can ‘smell’ what it might feel like to climb above the ’emotional tree line’ to a higher, clearer view. And the way my life is moving now, I bet I will be offered plenty of opportunities to grow into this next experience of personal mastery.

Liane Hack - December 1, 2015

The power is already there, within you and I am pretty sure that you will use it wisely. Great journey of yours.

masterkeychiara13 - November 30, 2015

Very interesting Linda! I have also some “causes” that make me passionate about it, but do not bring me peace of mind..so, it is a big step in the good direction that you are making realising it. Great blog

annesmasterkey - November 29, 2015

Hi Linda, having recognized when and where you ‘cross the line’ Im sure you will discover the way to be able to talk with positive passion about subjects close to your heart.

mommamccracken - November 29, 2015

It is a struggle to keep our emotions out of ours and others people business – but nice to get some info out there re discontinuing fluoride.

lindasue88 - November 28, 2015

aw geez. that’s what happens racing against turning into a pumpkin at midnight!! It was pretty darn close to Week 10 when that post got posted!! hey, did you see I’m not an egg-head anymore??!! Got that one figured out finally!

    dannycl - November 28, 2015


mkmmamission - November 28, 2015

Hi Linda, this is a very insightful blog. It is really good when we can look deep and notice how we react to triggers. How we share what we are aware of is how we will receive from others. Can we really suppress emotions or can we go deep into our inner world and be at peace while we share. I am constantly working on that which you have brought out. Sharing without over sharing. Maybe we can just relax and let go. Sharing while at peace…Believe Karen

Master Key Reenen - November 28, 2015

Compass and magnifying glass, you are doing great.

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