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MKMMA Week 8 — Old Dogs DO Learn New Tricks

A couple years ago I adopted ‘Spark’, a little 9 year old ‘rescue’ dog. She’s a ‘poodle mutt’. She came to me very smart, but uneducated. I’ve taught her a number of skills and tricks. Forget that stuff about not teaching old dogs new tricks!! She loves them. I’m starting to feel like all the exercises and […]

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MKMMA Week 6 – Mastering the Base Camps

I finally have my DMP in good shape! I took many weeks to get my Definite Major Purpose framed in “acceptable” language. I thought that was strange because with all the study I’ve done over the years on goal setting, I certainly “know the rules”. Nevertheless, it took me many weeks and many revisions to achieve […]

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MKMMA Week 5 – A Would-Be Nostalgic

I was looking forward to our assignment to read Emerson’s essay, “Compensation”. I grew up and lived much of my life literally up the street from the Concord, Massachusetts home of Ralph Waldo Emerson. I still go back to visit frequently, and always enjoy Concord, and the beautifully maintained colonial architecture, including Emerson’s house and […]

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Week 4 — You can smile like Buddha

I occasionally attend Linda Palmason’s meditation class. Today she shared this short excerpt from Tara Brach’s “True Refuge”. “In many statues and pictures, the Buddha is depicted with a slight smile.  Research now shows that even a small smile relaxes our reactivity and inclines us toward feelings of ease and well-being.  This short reflection can be […]

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MKMMA Week 2 — Breaking Free

Here I am near the end of MKMMA, Week 2, the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. It’s a six month project to help me lift my sights and my accomplishments closer to the success and experience I desire for my life. And the guardians of my old boundaries are agitated! Many, many years ago, I heard […]

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