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Week 8 –Old Dogs DO Learn New Tricks

A couple years ago I adopted ‘Spark’, a little 9 year old ‘rescue’ dog. She’s a ‘poodle mutt’. She came to me very smart, but uneducated. I’ve taught her a number of skills and tricks. Forget that stuff about not teaching old dogs new tricks!! She loves them. I’m starting to feel like all the exercises and […]

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MKMMA Week 22 — Auspicious

We were just given an assignment to spend one or two days in silence and contemplation. HUNH??!! What was I supposed to make of THAT??! I had no idea, and I felt we were given no guidance how to proceed. Then I remembered that somewhere right around now is Mahasivaratri. Siva is one aspect of […]

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MKMMA Week 16 — Balance

A few things converged to start me thinking differently this week. I downloaded and read my full Color Code profile. Blue – White – Red. That’s me. Zero% Yellow. Oh dear. Yellow’s are Fun-motivated and I’m don’t have any. Yes, I really can get stuck in my work. The part that really struck me is that […]

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