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Fearless at my Licensing Exam
I’m just calling to share Good News, because with doing Brain Gym and feeling so centered I did my Unity Teacher licensing exam last week and I got straight A’s, and it’s the first time this little dyslexic has ever ended up with straight A’s in her life.

Carol Kelshaw, RNCF, Unity teacher, Shelburne Falls, MA

How We Work

My Sessions, Guiding Beliefs and Approach

On this page you will get a feel for what you can expect when working with me. Whether we work one-on-one, or in a group setting, you can expect to come out of our sessions feeling relaxed, energized, and positive. You will learn to make the most of your mind and talents. Instead of having to wait for “a good day”, or “the right mood”, you can learn to be smart, perceptive, creative and focused whenever you choose.

Expected Results

One-on-One Sessions

Working one-on-one is the fastest way to reach your specific goal. Whether you are seeking to master the piano or academic skills, overcome a learning block or anxiety about a presentation, test, or interview, identify or even neutralize sensitivities, or overcome a professional challenge, one-on-one sessions will help you reach your goal as fast as possible. People typically find that very few consultations are needed to make appreciable progress. Of course, the budding pianist could continue their studies with me for years, but for emotional, performance or learning issues, we can often take care of your concern in a small number of consultations.


Whether you seek strategies for self-help or to share with family, students, or colleagues, if you want to learn techniques for the long term, then workshops are for you. Workshops are geared to give you underlying principles, practical applications, and time to practice the skills you are learning. The group setting enhances your learning process. You will hear other people’s questions and experiences, and see how different people respond to the same material. You will gain understanding of different people’s perspectives and receptivity to the material.

Conference Events and Keynotes

Your group will gain new skills, supportive ideas, and a burst of energy. We address a topic of specific interest to your group. Participants enjoy a combination of informative lecture, meaty-yet-playful demonstrations, and practical skills to take away.

Workplace Events

These sessions are geared to meet specific needs of your group. Topics we frequently address are stress reduction, enhanced creativity, and communication skills. Workplace events are often requested to help a work group through a challenge or transition. I understand that in a workplace event, it is often important to find a respectful balance between openness to learn and personal privacy and discretion.

My Guiding Beliefs

Personal response-ability is key. Many times in our culture, people give responsibility for their well-being to outside authorities teachers, doctors, therapists. I teach you strategies to help you recognize and handle challenges for yourself, as they arise.

Growth and transformation is always an option. Just because you’ve ‘always been that way’, does not mean you must forever continue to be that way! I seek to help you transform “I can’t” into “How can I?” Our biggest challenges are often the entrance to our most satisfying growth and learning.

There are golden opportunities for you Outside the Box. It is often said that a problem cannot be solved at the level of thinking at which it was created. Brain Gym and other energy strategies give many people access to other perspectives and levels of thinking. We often explore options that are not available in mainstream approaches. People are excited to find simple solutions to their long term challenges.

We are all individuals, with our own goals, needs, pace, and gifts. We all look different, have different voices, have different preferences in food and clothing. Of course we are also unique in our learning styles, talents, and abilities. Many people do not fit into the current, expected educational or professional models. Nevertheless, they are creative, intelligent, and they can have satisfying lives and make precious contributions to their world.

My Approach

I truly enjoy teaching people. Whether it’s piano lessons or corporate wellness sessions, I search for the best ways to make sessions inspiring, fun, and uniquely tailored to the interests and learning styles of my students. I endeavor to be real’ with my clients. I believe a positive and supportive atmosphere supports ease and safety in our work together.
A lot of things go into optimal learning and performance. I like to balance theory and practical applications. I have a knack for multi-sensory teaching, and for communicating the intangible. As a performing musician myself, I love helping people perform at their best.

When you work with me, you can expect to learn skills for the long term. Whether you are a child trying to get through school, a budding pianist, a project manager, or a senior who wants to stay bright and active, when you work with me you will learn specific skills to achieve your goals.

Your needs and interests guide our work together. I know that genuine interest is needed for true learning and change to take place. I always endeavor to help identify how my skills can best further your interests. The pace and learning style of you or your group will dictate how we choose to work together. Whether my client is a child, a professional, a parent, or a senior, I gear my communication and presentation to them.

Why Me?

Experience is the best teacher. I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with many different groups from a military base to a hockey team to a senior centre. When it comes to bringing Brain Gym to a group, I have over 20 years experience translating this material into language that will speak to a variety of age groups and interests. In addition, my years of teaching piano has given me a unique ability to give people a vivid experience of the intangible, and to learn beyond words.

Who better to assist in change than someone who has done it? Through my years of re-evaluating and developing my own skills as a presenter, teacher, and musician, I know the transformation process from the inside. I understand that personal change requires a combination of patience, respect, determination, and humour.

Now that you have an idea of what it’s like to work with me, click here to learn about the Services I offer.