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Linda S. Clark
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Bachelor of Music, University of Texas, Austin
Certified Touch for Health Instructor

I’m a life long musician, pianist and seeker. As a kid, I connected with the world through choirs and orchestras. I was a big fish in my small Lexington, Massachusetts pond, but my native abilities and persistence only carried me so far. My introverted, non-competitive self took a beating in the more competitive settings of Oberlin College, the University of Texas at Austin, and beyond.

...thru Music

As the years went by, I studied with many fine musicians. They suggested what I should learn, but I was taught very little about how to practice or prepare for performance. Nevertheless, I’ve always stuck with my music, challenges and all.

Through the years, in my quest to overcome my own challenges and limitations, I acquired, created and used precise, strategic approaches for practicing, performing, and becoming comfortable and expressive in public settings. I love sharing those strategies with others. I get great pleasure from watching them progress much more quickly than I did.

...thru Wellness

My personal quest led me to a variety of holistic approaches, too. The one that really grabbed me is Chi Energy Balancing. It's a fascinating discipline that combines western muscle-energy testing and holistic concepts with the chi energy model from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I studied a variety of energy balancing modalities including Reiki, Touch for Health and many others. I was a passionate "course junkie". Chi Energy Balancing has been a godsend for me, both personally and musically. Chi Energy Balancing has been a godsend for me, both personally and musically. I went on to become quite active with Chi Energy Balancing, assisting individuals and groups.

Facilitating Chi Energy Balancing events gave me lots of opportunities to become comfortable as a public speaker. At this point I especially enjoy sharing these very easy, personal wellness tips and success tools with everyone – old and young, employed and retired.

Chi Energy Balancing helped me surpass many personal and musical boundaries, almost like magic. I am honored to help other people overcome their emotional, performance or professional hurdles by sharing my personal experiences and my Chi Energy Balancing skills.

...thru Grace

At this point, I’m a happy, active senior. I’m still expanding my abilities as a musician, holistic practitioner, entrepreneur, and student of spiritual disciplines. I can’t imagine “retiring”. In fact, as time goes by I become less and less retiring, and more and more engaged with my world. I love coaching people of all ages, from children to seniors.

What is your growing edge? I would love to help you jump your hurdles and meet your goals! I hope you enjoy exploring the different areas my website.

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