Are learning, music, holistic wellness,
and inspiration important to you?

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    I like to keep learning and growing
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    I’m an outside-the-box kind of person
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    I take personal responsibility for my wellness
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    Music inspires me, especially piano and singing
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    I’m ready to enjoy more success, ease and fulfillment

If any of those statements sound like you, read on.
I look forward to being of service to you
thru Music, Wellness and Grace.

...thru Music

Is music the language of your soul? Are piano playing or singing languages you long to speak fluently? They certainly are for me! I would be happy and honored to guide you to greater musical ease and fulfillment and delight. Curious? To read more...

...thru Wellness

Often our greatest growth and success comes from our challenges -- in wellness, relationships, work and personal achievement. If that strikes a chord for you, click here to learn how Chi Energy Balancing can help you along your path to success. What is Chi Energy Balancing? An elegant blend of western and eastern holistic approaches to wellness. To read more...

...thru Grace

Have you ever been touched by serendipity or a life-changing opportunity that appeared in a way you could never have anticipated or planned? That’s Grace, and it’s one of the most wonderful parts of life. Join me in exploring Grace and ways to invite more of it into your life. To read more...

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