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Dear Linda,
As the practitioner who recommended Brain Gym training to my clients, I was thrilled that some attended your last course in the Kingston area. I had sessions with 2 of them within 2 weeks of your course. I use an Acoustic Cardiograph as well as Contact Reflex Analysis (nutritional kinesiology) as assessment tools. I was very impressed with the shift in Nervous System distress and dysfunction. Detox systems were working more efficiently. Both individuals have had serious spinal injuries and toxic exposures in their lives that surface with stress.
I took my first Brain Gym courses approx. 25 yrs ago and use the exercises daily myself as well as teaching to clients when there is an openness.
Keep up the great work.

Susanna Davis, RN, BNSc, Holistic Nursing Consultant
Willowwood Health, Gananoque


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